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Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

Coby Hildebrant

Boarding/Training Manager

Laura Felfel

Facility Owner

Meet Our Horses


La Cazadora


Coyote is a bay OTTB who began a career after the track as an eventer. She has now settled into farm life nicely, has a kind disposition, excellent ground manners, and is learning to appreciate crossrails and a slow speed. Her hobbies include chasing geldings away from her herd and easy, breezy trail rides in a western saddle.




Hurc is a black 2018 Friesian Percheron cross. He is a connoisseur of horse treats and he is truly the gentlest giant. His hobbies include being "Barn Favorite" and letting the wind blow through his luxurious mane.


Bradshaw's Hanky Panky


Hank is a chestnut paint who finally found his person and he is working hard to make sure he fills the Heart Horse spot for her! He's the happiest boy when she comes to visit and we look forward to seeing them grow together for the rest of forever!


SCQH Hansel


Twister is a sorrel two year old colt with cows in his blood. Twister tolerates our attention but he prefers to run the fields with his adopted brother, Hank. We look forward to watching this spirited little High Brow guy learn to ranch when he's a little older!  Twister is available for purchase.


Bradshaw's Kodachrome


Koda is 24 years young and he has been a premier lesson pony for almost a decade! While you might find him dressed in coat made of Carolina clay, he also loves to spend time removing each strand of hay from his hay net, one by one, and dancing the jig at dinner time. Koda is available for on-site lease or purchase.

Wooden Rocking Horse_edited.jpg





Breaking Bad




Bradshaw's Hot Tamale


Al is a Friesian Andalusian cross. He is the perfect sturdy little introduction to jumping. And he's very handsome, too! Al consistently wins champion ribbons and is looking forward to continuing to help his riders over the fences with a sporty gate and an airy disposition. Alejandro is available for on-site lease.




Mariposa is a 23 year old Selle Francais. She spent her early life in the ring and earned quite a record as a big jumper.  Now that she has settled down, she prefers an afternoon of crossrails and trail rides. Mariposa is truly our favorite butterfly and she is the sweetest mare you will ever have the chance to groom!


Bradshaw's Golden Hour


Cowboy is as sweet as he is stunning. His matching eyes and coat catch everyone by surprise... including his most adoring fan, Ruby... Cowboy is a 2016 Quarter pony gelding... and we think he's so handsome that he could've been a Hemsworth! Cowboy is available for on-site lease or purchase. 14.2 h


Bradshaw's Hidden Gem


Ruby is a 6 year old welsh cross pony... and the cutest little red roany pony in the world. She is the founding member of the Cowboy Fan Club.  Ruby is very social and 2 foot ready with a confident rider. Ruby is a cool bean at the shows, as well as smart and always willing to learn new tricks to keep her riders smiling! Ruby is available for on-site lease.


Bradshaw's Unconditional Love


Shakira started her career on the track as a first place winner.  Since retirement, she has taken first place in our hearts and is voted "Most Likely to Save Her Rider From a Burning Building." She is the perfect combination of bravery, beauty, and kindness. These days her hobbies include collecting Champion ribbons and snuggling inside when it rains.  Shakira is availbale for on-site lease.


Bradshaw's Lucky Charm


Lucky the one eyed wonder pony

Wooden Rocking Horse

Sunkissed N Freckled


GQ is currently touring with the Appalachian State University Equestrian Team. He will return to the BEC in the Spring of 2023.


Frenchman's Holy Win


Stetson is an 8 year old quarter horse with Frenchman's Guy in his pedigree... willing and able, he plans to set the barrel pattern on fire as he leaves his competition in the dust! He is a very easy going guy and gets along with everyone at the water trough. Stetson is available for on-site lease or purchase.


PYC Lotta Llego


Leggo is a 3 year old futurity barrel prosphect with bright lights and buckles in his future! As sweet and gentle as a three year boy old can be... and handsome, handsome, handsome! Leggo is currently at boarding school in Texas where he's learning how to be the fastest barrel racer around!

Wooden Rocking Horse

Bradshaw's Triple Bar Trip



Wooden Rocking Horse

Killn the Lights




Ben's Two Eyed Chatta

"Ci Ci"

Ci Ci joined our team this year and has turned out to be one of the sweetest babies on the farm! She is eager to greet her guests at the gate and she is so polite and easy to handle, you may think you are dreaming!  While on rest for a suspensory injury sustained before she joined us, she is available for breeding lease. Her sweet temperament and willingness to make her people happy make her an excellent dam prospect for any ranch breeding program.


Maxwell's Silver Hammer




Pop Star in the Making




Jaebars Moonshinecat



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